Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Toy Ball Gift - Label

I kept it simple. Not sure if it's not too plain, but it's being delivered TODAY and I'm not fussing with it anymore.

I wanted to share this with you in case anyone could use the baby footprint for your own stuff.

While I was brainstorming what to do this memory popped into my head. Way back when, when I rode the bus to school, my girlfriend and I use to make these baby footprints all over the windows.

It's very simple and quite effective. Just fist your hand like this. (Not easy taking a picture of this side of your own hand!) Dab the backside of your fist in paint and use a finger to add the toes.

Ta Da! So easy, so cute.

****While Mommy's Blogging . . .


  1. Cute! I used to make those baby feet on bus windows too!

  2. Super sweet. Had never seen that before.

    I had to laugh at the kid mess, seems to happen all to often at my home also.