Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hats Hats Hats

I've been busy making this new house into our home. I still have miles to go, but at least now we have our living space marked out and most of it has a fresh coat of paint.

That said and done, I've been in this craft room space (that terribly needs more decorating attention) enjoying my time getting back into my NoonToTwo.Etsy.Com stuff.

I found this great Etsy shop, JennifersJewels.Etsy.Com. Jennifer has been one of the friendliest and thorough sellers I've worked with. She's making me labels. I'm so excited about adding my shop name to my hats. Here are some of the reversible cloche hats I've made and sold.


I've got six hats ready to go once I get my hands on those tags!
Here's what the hats will be made with:

One: Fabric - corduroy and cotton
Two: Fabric - cotton and corduroyThree: Fabric - cotton and cottonFour: Fabric - cotton and cottonFive: Fabric - flannel and cottonSix: Fabric - flannel and cottonOn FaceBook? Search for NoonToTwo and join! I will be posting fabric ideas and new hats there. Please feel free to post a picture of you in your NoonToTwo hat. I'd love to see it!

As the season progresses, my yarn works will expire off of my NoonToTwo shop and I will be strictly selling hats. I have opened a sister shop, JustSewIt.Etsy.Com for other fun stuff I make. Some items there now coordinate with these 'coming soon' hats.

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  1. I forgot you made hats! Do you know I was looking everywhere for a hat like that! I like fabric 1...save it for me :)